Inaugurated in 2016, our state-of-the-art facility spans 5,000 square meters within a 6,000 square meter expanse in the heart of the Torbalı-Pancar Organized Industrial Zone. With an annual production capacity of 36,000 chairs, we craft excellence from kiln-dried beech, oak, chestnut, and walnut woods. These meticulously selected materials not only attain the ideal moisture content for easy woodwork but also enhance product durability while bestowing an aesthetic touch.

Our distinctive models, enriched with materials like straw weave, hazeran coating, and leather upholstery, seamlessly blend comfort and elegance. Executed by a team of 60 industry experts, each a master in their craft, our production processes are finely tuned to cater to sector-specific requirements.

At the heart of our design philosophy lies a dedication to Scandinavian aesthetics, as our R&D engineers and designers diligently track European market trends. Beyond retail chair offerings for homes and offices, we extend our services to corporate entities, including cafes, restaurants, and hotels. In addition to our versatile range of chairs and tables, we excel in crafting bespoke, made-to-order stationary furniture for special design projects.

A tree, having fulfilled its life’s journey in the embrace of nature, is reborn as the protagonist in a brand new narrative, skillfully crafted by the hands of masters. Our mission? We view this process as an art form—a canvas upon which we unlock the hidden inspirations residing within the knots, grains, and essence of the wood, passionately shaping them into form.

As we relentlessly pursue excellence, striving for perfection at every turn, we aspire for each of our creations to possess a distinctive, personalized narrative. Our designs are born from a wellspring of experience, mastery, and boundless creativity, etched onto the pages of paper and brought to life. We do not merely fashion chairs; we weave a legacy that transcends generations.

At times, we birth elegant, commanding models, captivating all with their arresting designs. On other occasions, we engineer ergonomic, utilitarian chairs to accompany those who labor for hours at their desks. Yet, through it all, our creations stand as paragons of style and utility, ever-evolving with the changing tides of fashion, steadfast in their innovation and durability.

For those who seek to infuse warmth into their living spaces, embracing the distinctive texture of wood, and desiring an entirely unique experience enriched with subtle nuances reflecting their own style—a Nomo chair offers so much more!